Custom Fitting

Get the fit right for you, have our team help custom fit your clubs for you.

Fitted or off the shelf – the choice is there, and we can allow you to see, feel and experience the difference.

The custom golf club fitting services at Golf365 begins with an in-depth analysis of your current equipment, your swing, and your requirements. We will discuss with you your desired outcomes and what you may feel is currently working well and not working well.

After a warm up, we will capture club and ball data using Trackman 4 launch monitor from your existing equipment. If you are using our services for swing lessons already we will already have most if not all of this information to hand. This process and the produced data will be the foundation for any comparisons we will use to measure what improvements can be gained.

Once we have the data from your current equipment, we will talk through the numbers with you and discuss how this ties in with your current performance when playing.

If the equipment you already have is performing reasonably well for you, sometimes minor changes to the equipment is required to optimise performance; length, loft/lie angles, grip and or weights. If this is the case, whilst you will be welcome to assess some alternatives, your custom fit specialist will advice what can be offered and how this will benefit you.

The key question is; What is your main goal in adjusting or changing your club/ clubs?
The answer normally is on or around; More confidence/ Hit it further/ Greater accuracy/ Enhanced workability

Varies based on requirements, normally between 1 & 1.5 hrs (approximately)

Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, High Speed Video

One size fits all is an approach that can work, to an extent. Drivers, woods, irons and putters should be comfortable to use and produce consistent results for you.

Whilst distance seems to be a key focus, all successful golfers will also need accuracy and control. In a fitting at Golf365, we know that the correct adjustments and equipment can create improvements to every aspect of your game, our technology will let you see this for yourself in direct A/B comparisons. Once these improvements are gained, knowing your new distances for each club is vital. A gapping session can fill you with the knowledge and confidence you need to fully commit to shots on the course. Finally, having the correct short game tools is the finishing touch. Wedges and putters can be tailored to improve shot selection and ultimately scoring.


At Golf365 we have collectively over 20 years of experience combined at the top levels of professional golf play and coaching to support our customers. We have carefully chosen custom fitting clubs and heads alongside the most comprehensive range of adjustable products, we will have options for all levels of players at every stage of the game.

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